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FAQ What Is ABigMoneyGoRound.com: A BigMoneyGoRound.com Is a unique gifting activity, and crowdfunding opportunity. It Is assembled in such a way, as to provide a major boost to ones personal finances. This program is designed to take the guessing, out of ones personal finances,  and empower the member to finally pay themselves first in a real, and tangeble way. The Financial Freedom Formula, is a guaranteed mathematical formula for your financial success, and the prerequisite for building generational wealth. Please do yourself a favor and answer this question honestly. Would you rather have $100,000.00 guaranteed in 30 days, or a penny, and double it every day for 30 days? Please do your self this favor, get your calculator, and enter $0.01 day one,  X2 = second day or $0.02, x2=$0.04 on the 3rd day...X2, X2, 30 times. and see that the display should read $5.36Million. and $10,000,000.00 + on the 31st day. that is the power that you now have with this 2x2 Forced filled matrix with follow your sponsor, spill over, spill under, dynamic compression, and member to member payout, so no company holds your money. Welcome to ABigMoneyGoRound. com and Happy Cycling! Family this is like having your own goose that lays golden eggs. This is like having a money printing press in your basement or closet to use whenever you see fit to do so!

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